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Prof. Christine Chiu

Working on improving understanding and representations of cloud, aerosol, precipitation and radiation in models using novel, synergistic remote sensing measurements

Promoting satellite constellations for monitoring Earth radiation cycles and understanding the underlying physical processes.

CV can be found here.


Dr. Yann Blanchard

Research Scientist

Working on cloud remote sensing using synergistic methods and instruments for studying interactions between clouds, aerosols and precipitation; marine boundary layer clouds with a special interest in 3D cloud properties retrievals, funded by the US Atmospheric System Research program.


Nicholas Kedzuf

2nd year MS student (funded by the Department of Energy Atmospheric System Research program)

Working on understanding the trigger requirement, frequency and rate of secondary ice production, using scanning radar measurements from the ARM Mobile Facility Biogenic Aerosols-Effects on Clouds and Climate (BAECC) deployment.



Matthew Lang

2nd year MS student (funded by CloudSat)

Investigating the underlying processes of soil-moisture – precipitation coupling and feedback, by improving radar-based soil moisture measurements, and combining A-Train data to detect and quantify the impact of soil moisture on the initiation and organization of convective clouds.


Chen-Kuang (Kevin) Yang

1st year MS student (funded by NASA Goddard and CIRA)

Improving understanding of near-cloud aerosol properties from A-Train observations, Large Eddy Simulations and 3D radiative transfer calculations.



Former group members at University of Reading

Dr. Peter Hill

Research scientist

Working on cloud-radiation interactions over west Africa, funded by the EU FP7 DACCIWA project.


Dr. Jake Gristey

Former PhD student who worked on understanding the Earth’s energy flows using new, viable and sustainable observations from a constellation of satellites.  Jake is currently working in Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences / NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory, as a Research Associate in Dr. Graham Feingold’s group.