Ty Johnson

Ty Johnson

Hello! I joined the Department of Atmospheric Science in August of 2023, working toward a M.S. degree under professors Christine Chiu and Sonia Kreidenweis. I am examining smoke aerosol optical properties, working to constrain models with the use of  observations from field campaigns, laboratory experiments, and AERONET(Aerosol Robotic Network) products. My ultimate goal is to utilize these model constraints in the development of a new aerosol retrieval method for geostationary platforms. This would allow for more effective characterization of smoke plumes and their high temporal variability.

Contact Information

ACRC 205

3915 Laporte Ave.

Fort Collins, CO 80521



B.S. in Engineering Physics (May 2023), University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, IL


Programming Languages: Python, R, MATLAB

Code Editors and IDEs: Visual Studio Code, Jupyter, Spyder

Operating Software: Linux, MacOS, Windows